Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Watch As Lady Who Offers Free S*X To The President (Video)

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A young woman has offered to sleep with the Ghanaian president for free. The young Ghanaian identified as Adoley, was the ‘star’ of a video which has since gone viral on social media recently, following her bizarre request to give herself to the president for free.
Adoley who wore a picture of the campaign poster for the Ghanaian president John Mahama on her T-Shirt, confessed her love for him in her dialect.
She was quoted as saying:
“Oh Mahama, I am just looking for you to fondle you and squeeze you, aaaaah. You are a real man. What do you want from me? My breasts, my buttocks, my thighs or my ‘tonga’? Come and enjoy them for free and go. Even if you won’t pay me, come and enjoy me and go. I, Adoley, I am asking you to come and enjoy ‘tonga’ for free and go.”
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