Monday, 28 November 2016

Sunday Night Confession:- Here Is An Interesting Story Of A ”PREGNANT VIRGIN” [Read Episode 2]

Hi Guyz, Hope you had a great weekend? Here comes the concluding part of Low Self Esteem (A True Life Story Of A Pregnant Virgin), Incase You’re Just joining us READ EPISODE 1,
Continuation… The doctor explained that it’s possible to be pregnant even when you are a virgin; he further explained that her HYMEN was broken and during their foreplay a man discharge slipped in through her broken hymen without her knowing!!!!
Her mother collected the boyfriend number from dupe and called the guy up, the guy responded to their call, he went to see his girlfriend mother and the mother accused the guy of impregnating the girl and the guy denied saying he hasn’t even slept with her …. Besides which guy would ever wanna agree he impregnate a girl in this our current recession time even though he had slept with the girl?? LOL.
She passed out one sunny afternoon and was quickly rushed to the hospital, as at then the pregnancy was 6 and half months … she was in labor for three days but could not give birth herself… she was getting weak day by day, the doctor called her mother’s attention that she has 4hours to live if care is not taken and suggested the carry out Cesarean section (C-section) on her.
To cut the long story short, she had the baby through CS leaving her with another scar on the lower part of her abdomen making the scar on her body more than two.
She’s still very much pretty trust me , good shape and all but she’s not proud or bold to talk where some girls that are not pretty as her are talking .. even if she’s with her current guy she’s way very shy to be intimate with him but then which guy would date a pretty girl and wouldn’t go down on her ??? Even if you see her there’s no trace of her giving birth before.
Ladies please play your game well and play safe. If you don’t want to eat a particular food, don’t even bother to smell it at all coz it could be disastrous at the end, and don’t think you are too smart more than any guy whatsoever.
Please any advice on how she can gain her self-esteem back??
Thanks For Your Time!!



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