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Tech updates

[9/8, 11:05] ‪+91 90420 02927‬: 📰4⃣1⃣: 📢Introducing the iPhone7 📱📹:

By Fråst🐺

Here's everything you need to know about what happened at the Apple’s iPhone7 event. 
The iPhone7 has 2⃣ models the regular & the iPhone7 Plus📲 @ 💲649 & 💲769 respectively. The 📱phone has stereo speakers, is 💧water & dust resistant.  
The home button is no longer a button🖲, but a touch surface & vibrates when you ‘press’ it. The 📱phone comes in 2⃣ new models: matte black, & jet black. 
Its 🔋battery has now 2⃣ hours more of extra regular-use 🔋battery life due to its efficient A10 Fusion CPU which uses 2/3rds the ⚡power of the iPhone6 & much faster. 
The 📱phones will have a 32GB memory card💾 & will be available on 16 Sep. 
The 📱phone has two 12MP 📷cameras on the back: a 1X wide-angle lens & a 2X zoom telephoto lens — allowing for true 2X optical zoom with DSLR-style depth of field & image stabilisation, RAW, & more.

As for the OS🤖 release dates:  
iOS 🔟 – Sep 13 
watchOS 3⃣ – Sep 13 
macOS Sierra🗻 – Sep 20

Watch the event here📹:

[9/8, 11:05] ‪+91 90420 02927‬: 📰4⃣2⃣: 🍎 Apple AirPods, Watch⌚, Mario & Pokémon🔴📹:

By Fråst🐺

The headphone🎧 jack is no more on the iPhone7📱 as the EarPods have been replaced by wireless AirPods🎧 (💲159), which look exactly the same but without the wire〰. However, EarPods can still be used with a 3.5mm to Lightning port adapter in the box. AirPods🎧 pair with all of your iCloud-synced☁ devices seamlessly & offer 5⃣ hours of listening time before needing a charge. They’ll be available in mid-October.  
The 🍎 Apple Watch 2⃣ ⌚is 💧water resistant & comes in aluminium, stainless steel & white ceramic – 4⃣times harder than stainless steel. The new Pokémon🔴 Go Watch⌚ app allows Pokémon🔴 trainers to see how far they’ve walked, calories burned🔥, how long till their Poké eggs🍳 hatch or when there are nearby Pokémon🔴 or Pokéstops. That’ll sure boost 🍎 Apple Watch sales. 
Nintendo will also bring Super Mario🏃🏻 to 🍎 Apple via a new continuous runner game called “Super Mario Run”🏃🏻 this December.

Check it out📹:

About DUTA:
[9/8, 11:06] ‪+91 90420 02927‬: 📰4⃣3⃣: 💲299 🎮PS4 Announced📢 Next Week!

By Fråst🐺

At an event in 🌃New York, Sony revealed that sleeker PlayStation 4⃣ will cost 💲299 & will be available on 15 Sep in most markets. The console is almost identical to the original 🎮PS4 but much smaller along with an updated DualShock4 controller with a redesigned front light bar. The redesigned version has come out nearly 3⃣ years after the 🎮PS4 first launched🚀. Now let’s wait for the 🎮Xbox One S & see how different it is from its predecessor.



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