Sunday, 11 September 2016

Court demotes Maj.-Gen. Patrick Falola

📰5⃣8⃣6⃣: Court demotes Maj.-Gen. Patrick Falola

A Special Court Martial has demoted Maj.-Gen. Patrick Falola, to Brigadier-General for admitting students for clinical training without permission from higher authorities

Falola, Director, 68 Military Reference Hospital, Yaba, Lagos State, was arraigned on a two-count charge before a court martial presided over by AVM James Gbum.

"The court has taken into consideration the service record of the convicted senior officer, the touching plea in mitigation by the defence council as well as the demeanor of the convicted officer

"But we have also taken into consideration the senior officer's seniority, rank, experience and the regimental tradition of the armed forces.

"If you check Section 115 of the Alarmed Forces Act, the offence falls under Section 68, punishment that could be metted out included dismissal,imprisonment or even death but the court went down to reduction in rank which is balanced enough."

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